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What sets us apart? 

true boutique  experience.

Your Nanny Matchmaker

Here at Your Nanny Matchmaker, we live up to our word when we call ourself a boutique agency. Whether you are hiring a full-time nanny or household manager, we're committed to finding you the perfect match for your family.

You're busy, and we get that, which is why we use our unique matchmaking approach to get to know you and exactly what you are looking for before we start our thorough search for your next caregiver.


Knowing your family inside and out allows us to find a caregiver who not only looks great on paper, but also seamlessly fits into your family dynamic. 

We value your time, which is why after the initial family interview, we take care of the rest. 

We are there for you even after your placement has been made! If something comes up, we are just an email or call away. 

Supporting Education
& Empowering Nannies

Educating our nannies and house managers before placement is not only important to us, it was a driving factor in creating Your Nanny Matchmaker.

Having a nanny is a true luxury, and every family deserves a nanny who is educated and can provide excellent care while offering a safe and nurturing environment.

We take the time to ensure every one of our nannies are up to date on safe sleep practices, car seat safety, developmental milestones, and more with our Educate Everyone and Newborn Care and other education courses.

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